For references please check out our websites portfolio before. Our Website portfolio is pretty much mixed with businesses in different industry. We have created website for huge shopping and retail company, small businesses , travel company, not limited to company in the financial sector etc. Below is a list of past projects we've worked on. You can refer to the list if you would like to work with us to build your website from scratch or redesign service due to slow online  traffic, sales and performance.



Website URL: http://www.trendsetterco.com

Industry: Fashion / Shopping & retail company/ Blog

Company OverviewAt Trendsetterco we are very focused on providing all the affordable trends in the market. We target specific niches to provide you with great products. The company is dedicated to continuous growth. Besides our focus on shopping and retail, we also have a blog section that covers some interesting and fun topic. Fashion, travel, lifestyle, experience, Health, education, work, personal development, and finance are different topics that you could find on our blog that you as a valued customer can relate to. We provide a sentiment of freedom to our customer, you can browse our website not only to shop also if you would like a good read we have articles. At Trendsetterco, we enjoy connecting with our environment. Hopefully, you will enjoy your experience every time you browse our website. Trendsetterco strongly believes in giving back to the community, it is part of our mission.




Website URL: http://www.lobyna.com

Industry: Fashion accessories

Company OverviewLobyna is the bridge between modern wellness and ancient knowledge.
It is inspired by nature and concentrates on self-love and self-awareness. It was founded by a mother looking to help her son who struggles with ADHD, little she knew, it was going to become a passion and a journey to inner peace and a healthy lifestyle. The brand firmly believes in the natural healing of essential oils and the energy of natural stones.
Our oils are organic and chemical-free. They help with focus, sleep, relaxation, migraines, protection, balance and more. They come in different formats: for diffusers, for jewelry or for the body. We are all different, that’s why Lobyna also offers custom made oils in order to answer to your uniqueness.
The stones we use in our jewelry, are authentic unless specified, and we try our best to get premium quality.
When it comes to our diffusers, we strongly believe we can find your perfect match, could it be jewelry, the car diffuser or the home one, we have something for just about anyone.
Our products are simple to use that’s what makes them awesome, you have endless combination choices between them, certain oils can even be mixed.
We care about your well-being; that’s why our team is working hard to provide the best tools for your needs and is looking forward to serving you and your family for years to come.